Our Mission

Based on robotics, our laboratory aims to propose practical robotic systems to solve social problems and to demonstrate their usefulness and effectiveness in hardware. First, the problem is clarified, and then the optimal configuration and method for solving the problem are explored. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the real world by demonstrating the proposed solution in mechanical hardware. We seek the simplest and most efficient engineering solution without falling into research for research’s sake. At the same time, we aim to make academic contributions by generalizing the findings obtained in the process.

The most exciting part of engineering, especially mechanical engineering, is the ability to take an idea that you have in your head and give it shape as an actual object. You can discover and feel an emotional experience when you assemble the parts, install the electrical components and operates the system for the first time. The created robot system always exceeds the initial imagination. Most of them do not work well the first time, but when they finally work well by steadily finding problems and overcoming challenges, it is an irreplaceable feeling of satisfaction. This is what drives us to do research. As a science and technology premier educational institution, we hope to provide opportunities for this kind of experience.


The laboratory is a 10-minute walk from Ookayama Station on the Tokyu Oimachi and Tokyu Meguro Lines, a 8-minute walk from Ishikawadai Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line.

Room 514: Gen Endo, 557: Student Room,558: Experiment Room,

Ishikawadai Area No.1 Building 

Ookayama Campus Map